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XXII UEF Governing Council Meeting June 2019 in Switzerland: registration closed now!

Monday, January 07 , 2019 2098


Dear foresters and colleagues around Europe,


The Fachverein Wald SIA (FVW) as member of UEF, has the pleasure to invite you to the XXII UEF Governing Council Meeting, which will be held in Maienfeld, Switzerland, from 13rd to 16th of June 2019.

The place of the seminar is at "ibW Höhere Fachschule Südostschweiz, Bildungszentrum Wald Maienfeld", one of the Swiss Schools for Foresters ( There is also suitable accommodation and the school is placed beautifully at the foot of the Alps, between vineyards and oak groves, on the edge of the small historical town Maienfeld.


A seminar on “Innovation in the Forest in times of Climate Change” will take place on 14th of June.

A more detailed programme will be posted soon on our website.



We expect your registrations to the Governing Council Meeting and the Seminar not later than 31 th of March.

The Presidency of UEF has decided to promote the participation of forestry students from the member organizations, by sponsoring one student per organization with a reduction of the participation fee with 50%. Applications for this reduction should be sent by the same date as the registration for the GCM to the treasurer of UEF, Mrs Anna Petrakieva, by e-mail: 

Please mention in the application the name of the student that will participate from your organization.

Now is the time for you to fill in the registration form for the Governing Council Meeting and send it to us.

To register, you only must fill in the Registration form on our website (Meetings section) or using this direct link:,4.


Participation fee

The fee per person to participate in the whole programme from 13 to 16 of June in a double room (singular beds), starting with dinner Thursday night and ending with breakfast Sunday morning is 480 €.

There are only very few single rooms, the number of single rooms depends upon the number of participants. If there is any, we will assign single rooms accordingly. The fee per person in a single room is 530 €.


Bank transfer from abroad:

Name of receiver: 

Hasspacher&Iseli GmbH, Konto UEF 2019

Name of Bank:

Aargauische Kantonalbank

Bank Adress

Hauptgasse 29, CH-4600 Olten




CH06 0076 1641 7046 5200 1




For the registrars to verify your payment it is important that you consign your name along with the bank transfer.

All bank charges must be covered by the sender.

For questions regarding payment and other details please e-mail to


Arrival/Departure – Transfer

Zurich Airport is very well connected with public transport. So we will organise transportation to the event from Sargans train station. The trains from Zurich Airport to Sargans leave every 30 minutes (XX.18 or XX.46), you have to change trains at Zurich Main Station. The train takes about 1 hour 20 minutes. The Welcome Dinner will start at 19 o'clock.

If you like, we will meet you and accompany you in the train from Zurich Airport to Sargans; just let us know.

All Participants must give details for
a) flight time/numbers for arrival,

b) do you want accompaniment/support from Zurich Airport to Sargans in the train; or when will you arrive in Sargans

c) flight time/numbers for departure flights.


More detailed Information about the trains from Zurich Airport to Sargans will follow soon.



Any other inquiries, remarks etc. please contact Beate Hasspacher


Sincerely Yours,



Olaf Zieschang

President of


Michael Diemer

President of

Union of European Foresters (UEF)

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