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Pro-active management of forests to combat climate change driven risks. Istanbul September 2019

Monday, May 27 , 2019 746

The International workshop “Pro-active management of forests to combat climate change driven risks: Policies and measures for increasing forest resilience and climate change adaptation” will be held 3-4 September 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

This meeting will be organized by Forest Europe and the Turkish general directorate of forestry OGM and sponsored by EFI.


The objectives of the workshop will be:
In order to promote adaptation of forests and forest sector to impacts of climate
change, the workshop will aim to:
& Exchange views on climate change and adaptation challenges (impacts on forests and forestry and the whole forest sector), as well as
potential adaptation options for increasing resilience of the European forests and forest sector in the view of the projected impacts of climate change
& Discuss existing and future adaptation policies in the forest sector and beyond at different levels, including needs forcoherence with related policies andpolicy objectives in other policy domains
& Discuss feasibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of adaptation measures based on presentation of existing examples of adaption measures under different climatic conditions across Europepromoting shift from emergency response to prevention of disturbances and enhancing forest resilience
& Highlight role and importance of collaboration among countries for joining forces and transfer available knowledge in implementation of eficient and cost-effective practices.
The workshop focuses on the whole pan-European region.
Taking into account significant differences between different parts of Europe, it is important to highlight challenges and opportunities in the different sub-regions. The organizers therefore encourage participations from all countries of European continent.
UEF plans to attend this important meeting in Turkey, in connection with our Turkish member, OMO.
You can find attached the presentation of the meeting.
More information in the Forest Europe web site, using thios direct link:
The UEF Presidency

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