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UEF supports our Romanian colleagues after two other murders of Romanian state foresters in October 2019

Thursday, November 14 , 2019 776

The Romanian forests are really important and more of half part of the European primeval and old-growth forests are in Romania.

Some organized crime syndicates are specialized in illegal logging.

Romanian NGO's estimate that between 3 to 9 hectares of forest are lost per hour in Romania due to illegal logging.


The foresters paid a heavy price trying to fight against this trafficking.

These two last months only, two forest rangers were killed, one by his own gun.

In the last years, 6 foresters were killed and more than 650 were attacked.

Raducu Gorcioaia, 50 years old, was founded in October 2019 dead in his car, not far from an illegal logging site in the Pascani forest district, in the North East part of Romania.

Liviu Pop, forester in the Maramures region in the North of Romania, father of three kids, was murdered at the end of October 2019, during investigation after an illegal logging.


Foresters associations and NGO's asked the Romanian governement to intensify its efforts to reduce this illegal trafficking.


UEF fully supports this demand and sends its condolences to the foresters' families and the Romanian foresters' community.


The UEF Presidency


Thanks to BBC news website for verified information.

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