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XVII Governing Council Meeting 2012 Halmstad, Sweden

10 - 13 May 2012

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Minutes of the UEF- Governing Council Meeting 2012, held on 12th May 2012 in Halmstad - Sweden

  1. Opening of the meeting (President) 
    President Håkan Nystrand opened the GCM 2012 at 10.50 a.m. 
    34 persons were presented; 11 Nations, 13 Organizations; 
    Håkan informed the delegates that he will not be a candidate for the new Presidency after the Congress in 2013. He has been in the presidency since 14 years
  2. Role calls of delegates and announcement of the number of members present and entitled to vote (Secretary and the Treasurer)
    Austria (VÖF) 1 vote (not paid)
    Bulgaria (UBF) 1 vote (paid)
    Cyprus (APF)
    1 vote
    1 vote
    (not paid)
    Denmark  (DSL) 3 votes (not paid)
    France (EFA-CGC) 3 votes (not paid)
    Finland (Meto)
    6 votes
    4 votes
    Italy (CONAF) 4 votes (not paid)
    Germany (BDF) 6 votes (paid)
    Poland (SITLID) 6 votes (paid)
    Sweden (SSF) 4 votes (paid)
    Switzerland 1 vote (paid)

    13 Organizations were presented from 11 Countries; 41 votes + 7 votes from presidency
    On 12th of April, Björn Karlsson sent out the invoices (member fees for 2012) to all member organizations. 
    29 were able to vote + 7 votes from the Presidency.

  3. Adoption of the Agenda (Secretary) 
    A draft has been handed out to each member; we have to add point 11 “Congress 2013 in Finland” 
    Agenda was adopted;
  4. Reports from the Presidency (Presidency members) 
    Håkan Nystrand made a short introduction about Presidency activities since the last GCM in Lemesos 2011.

    4.1 Matters on the EU and European level 
    - EU Forest Strategy 
    - Negotiations about a Legally Binding Agreement for Europe 
    - Green Economy 
    - Advisory Group on Forestry and Cork 
    - Advisory Committee on Forest Based Industry 
    - UEF Round Table Meeting 
    - Forest Communicators Network 
    - Forest Europe Process

    Report President Håkan Nystrand 

    Report Vice President Michael Diemer    

    Report Vice President Piotr Grygier

    Report Vice President Hervé Némoz-Rajot   
    * Homepage 
    * Presidency letter (Nov 2011 and April 2012) 
    * Presidency flash information (for internal) 
    * UEF Newsletter (external)

    Report Secretary Thomas Baschny

    Report Assistant Secretary Anna Petrakieva  
    * UEF History-book (39 Congresses and GCM since 1965) 
    * A questionnaire will be sent out to all member organizations in order to estimate the needed quantities of hard-copies of the book.

    Treasurer Björn Karlsson talked about the Swedish meeting “Green Energy”   

    For further details look at the attached presentations!

    4.2 Reports about other activities since the GCM Cyprus 2011 
    It was implemented by the presentations under point 4.1

  5. Work plans for 2012-2013 (Presidency members) 
    It was implemented by the presentations under point 4.1
  6. Auditors report 2011 (Auditors)     
    The auditor from Cyprus (Christodoulos Christodoulou) presented the report prepared by him and Boris Gospodinov. 
    Result: All bills and additional documents presented to the auditors correspond to the existing bank statements for the period of audit. 
    See the attached document!
  7. Treasurer’s economic report;    
    Discussion about membership fees to be decided at Cong. 2013 
    The treasurer presented his detailed report. (Look attached presentation) 
    Result 2011: - € 7.223 - (Coast € 29.563 - Income: € 22.340,-) 
    Budget 2012: Costs € 30.500 - (Income: € 27.000,-) 
    We have + / - one year income in advance.

    Discussions about the member fee - policy. 
    Member fee: € 1,10 / € 1,15 (Income: € 30.000,-) € 1,20 / € 1,25 
    Maximal fee: € 5.000 - (+ 15% or + 20% means € 500- or € 1.000- more!) 
    Result: we must rise up the fees (minimum 20%) and we need more member organizations. 
    A decision will be taken in Finland during the next Congress

  8. UEF Homepage matters (Vice president and Assistant Secretary)   
    Hervé Némoz-Rajot presented together with Anna Petrakieva all Homepages changes. 
    The UEF Homepage is updated – please inform Hervé or Anna about changes. 
    Hervé Némoz-Rajot underlined that each Member Organization is responsible for the updating of its own information. 
    All photos and text will be able to be changed by Hervé and Anna. Presentation about Google Analytics;
  9. Applications for new UEF-membership (report) 
    Hervé Némoz-Rajot and the other Presidency members are in contact with some Organizations. (e.g. Greece, Macedonia etc.).
  10. Miscellaneous 
    Discussion about the need of rules for elections in UEF: 
       Michael Diemer will make a proposal in a written form. All participants agreed.

    Urban Forestry:    
      Henrik Steffensen Bach (DSL) presents a presentation about “Urban Forestry - Will there be jobs for foresters?" 
      EFUF: link:

  11. Congress in Finland 2013 
    The two member organizations from Finland presented draft information about the coming Congress in 2013 (27th – 31st of August 2013) in Saariselkä (Finland); 
    Title: “Multiple Use of Forests beyond the Arctic Circle” (Urho Kekkonen national Park) 
  12. Concluding of the UEF Governing Council Meeting 2012 (President) 
    President Nystrand thanked for the meeting and closed the GCM 2012 at 15.25 p.m.

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Minutes of the UEF- Governing Council Meeting 2012 Halmstad – Sweden 1st VERSION Secretary Baschny

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